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Wings Of Hope Fundraiser: We Built A Twenty-Two Foot Viking Longship, named Skithblathnir! Of Cardboard! And Sailed It!

July 30, 2011 was the day! Our team altogether raised OVER $4,000.00 US for the kids!!! As much as Wings Of Hope's corporate sponsor for the race! How about that!

We also won the "Pride Of The Regatta" prize today, which came with a $100 check! See what happened ...
Gwendolyn holding check  Gwendolyn tearing check  Gwendolyn returning check

Today (7/30/11) was the day! Wings of Hope was so effusively thankful to us, and "us" includes every one of you who donated money, time, work, getting other people to donate as well, materials, or anything else to the overall project! They really appreciate what all of the members of the S.C.A., and their dentists, and friends, and families, and everyone, pulled together to do. And so do we, the Crew of the Skithblathnir, Best of Boats! Thank You!

If this is your first time visiting the website, then you can learn more by visiting other pages on the site, and there are links to all of them at the left; the site has grown so from its original two pages (a plea for pledges and a small photo gallery), you might have to scroll down to see all of the links.

This website started out as a way for me to supplement my Pied Piper's call to the people, to get excited about our crazy idea and give money to help the cause, with pictures of the first work days. Just me posting my "plea for pledges" letter and a page with pictures. Then Gwendolyn and Duncan saw it, and evidently got pretty excited about it; and they re-contacted the Wings Of Hope people with whom they'd been in contact, and they got pretty excited about it; and there were more pictures sent my way, and there were big shield pledges to write about which led to more, and a couple of songs were started, and a thank-you letter was forwarded to me, and I asked for Crew pics & amusing "bios", and, and, and ... here we are today. So it's still just my little website about this super project that Gwendolyn inspired and a whole lot of other people have helped to pull off; but I'm trying to help out the best that I can, and I'm fielding more requests and taking in more help. You'll find an informal tone, my insights and comments, and references from my point of view. But if you have any questions, you'll also find the way to reach me at the bottom of every page. I'd also appreciate it if you let me know about anything I can fix or improve, time references that are out of date, facts that can use correction, whatever. Welcome, and ...

Thanks a lot,
-- Dahrien =)